Panel Dino Iptv

Dino IPTV reseller panel

panel dino iptv

Dino IPTV reseller panel

The Dino reseller panel is available with a pack of 120 credits

each 12 credits = 12 Months

You can create subscriptions for these periods

12 months [12 credit]
6 months [6 credit]
3 months [3 credits]
1 month [1 credits]
5 Test Codes (24H) per day, but suspended on match day
The 120 credits pack does not give you the possibility of creating sub-resellers (sub-reseller) to have them you must order 600 credits (50 credits)

We deliver your accesses to you 5 minutes after purchase.

We credit the same account (panel) with each purchase of credits

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